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Joe Neglia for MCRC EGC Member-At-Large (2018 Video)

I am 100% pro-life.


Why I'm running

I am running for MCRC EGC Member At Large to hold our Republican leadership accountable. 

In past years, Establishment elected officials and Party leadership routinely violated rules to shut down principled conservatives.  I was horrified at what I saw going on at some of the first AZGOP and MCRC meetings I attended.  I saw the Establishment bend and break the rules, and I resolved to do all I can to stop these abuses from ever happening again. 

The only way to be effective at this is to know the rules and use them to protect our rights.  Our ignorance of the rules of parliamentary procedure proved fatal to our efforts for several years.  After observing the unethical shutdown of the "Endorse Anybody but John McCain" resolution, and the unethical shutdown of the censure of an Establishment AZGOP chair, both at the 2016 AZGOP Mandatory Meeting, I began studying Robert's Rules of Order.  I earned the Professional Registered Parliamentarion certification in 2019, the highest certification that is awarded by the National Association of Parliamentarians.

I have put this knowledge to good use as a Member At Large on the MCRC EGC since 2018,  Anything even mildly conservative requires a knowledge of parliamentary procedure to be able to overcome the obstacles that are put in place.  It takes a knowledge of Robert's Rules of Order to shepherd conservative motions through the process.  And it takes knowledge of Robert's Rules of Order to prevent establshment shenanigans, so it is essential to have a Parliamentarian on the EGC. 

Here are some of my accomplishments on this committee:

  • We have a PC in the MCRC who is a proud Democrat supporter, even going so far as to publish his name on a Republicans for Biden website and making financial contributions to Biden For President, to the Biden Fight Fund, and to Mark Kelly for Senate. I brought him before the EGC, conducted the trial, and had his intra-party voting rights stripped for the remainder of this PC term.
  • While planning for the 2021 MCRC Statutory Meeting, the EGC was informed that the meeting would be in violation of the Governor's COVID 50-person meeting limit. I moved to proceed with planning for the event "without seeking permission of any government agency or official". Motion adopted 18 to 8. The event went on as planned, with over 600 PCs in attendance.
  • I wrote the hugely popular resolution urging Jeff Flake to join the Democrat Party. The EGC adopted it 15 to 12. The names of the 12 are posted on Frosty's Republican Briefs here:
  • A previous MCRC Chair made dozens of unauthorized changes to the MCRC bylaws.  I got every single one removed.

One of my earlier accomplishments occurred in 2016,  We had a PC Candidate on the primary ballot who had been arrested for vandalism at a casino. And I discovered he had submitted forged signatures on his nominating petition. I filed a lawsuit and got him off the ballot. He was the Statewide Field Director for the John McCain campaign. See the five minute video documenting this in the video section below.

Some of my other issues:

  • Close the Republican Primaries. Only Republicans should nominate Republican candidates.
  • Oppose electronic voting.
  • Limit proxy voting.
Please vote for Joe Neglia for MCRC EGC Member At Large.  I will do my best to speak up for conservative patriots and work to preserve our Republic for us and for our posterity.


An active Republican Precinct Committeeman, Precinct Captain, and State Committeeman continuously since 2012, I have served in a variety of roles in the party, including LD26 Treasurer (2012-2016), LD26 Second Vice Chair (Nov. 2018 - date), MCRC EGC Member At Large (2018-date), as well as on bylaws, resolutions, and nominating committees at the county and state levels. Awards include LD26 Most Dedicated Precinct Award (2013) and LD26 Outstanding PC Award (2014).

I have participated in every state Convention, and every Statutory and Mandatory meeting at the county and state level for all those years. And my "boots on the ground" local activism is well documented.

I am a Life Member of both the NRA and the Arizona Citizenís Defense League. My political activity goes back to 1980 when I stuffed envelopes for the Ronald Reagan presidential campaign as a college freshman.

I am a Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP), and serve both as a meeting parliamentarian and as a floor parliamentarian, helping delegates to participate effectively in meetings where Robertís Rules of Order are used. I also teach practical, effective use of Robertís Rules of Order in seminars for both students and faculty in educational institutions, political parties at the legislative district level, and annually at National Association of Parliamentarians Workshops since 2017.


I teach Engineering Technology at Mesa Community College (1996-date) and am a registered Professional Engineer. My experience includes consulting for the National Science foundation, Intel Corporation, Sperry Space Systems, and Honeywell Satellite Systems. I earned two U.S. Patents for my work on the Strategic Defense Initiative, a Bachelorís Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Arizona State University. I am an occasional ham radio operator (KF7OBS). I have lived here in Maricopa County since 1986, and currently live in Tempe with my beautiful wife of 27 years and two lovely daughters.

What about the other candidates?

Experience.  To be effective in this position, a knowledge of how the MCRC operates is a must. 
Does your favorite MAL candidate have experience serving and chairing committees at the District, County, and State levels?

Long-term commitment is essential.
How long has your favorite MAL candidate been serving in the party?

Parliamentary skill is needed to get anything even mildly controversial through committees. Being a conservative is important, but is not enough to be effective. Unless you know the rules, party establishment can shut you down completely. I know. From personal experience.
Does your favorite MAL candidate know Robert's Rules of Order?

A sampling of my activism:





Successful signature petition challenge:

Teaching Robert's Rules of Order -- to help the grassroots participate effectively in meetings:

Why Proxy Voting is strongly discouraged by Robert's Rules of Order:

Watch the AZGOP Establishment shut down the motion to censure the AZGOP chair:


Watch the AZGOP Establishment shut down the "Anyone but McCain" motion: